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CBD Products for Equine, Pets and Their People

Make sure products are verified by a reputable, 3rd party lab

Having a 3rd party certified lab test CBD for potency and purity assures you’re receiving a high quality product that contains what the packaging says, and in what strengths, in a non-biased perspective.

Reputable CBD companies will offer this in an easily accessible manner to their clients, which is why at PhytoSana we offer COA’s on our website under product descriptions.

Look at the type of CBD used in their products.

There are different types of CBD used in products; with Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum and Isolate being the main three. Since every horse, person or pet processes things differently, it’s important to know that what works best for one, may not be the same for others.

Full Spectrum uses the entire hemp plant. Hemp plants themselves vary greatly. But a quality plant will include a wide array of cannabinoids including, CBD, CBG, CBV and many others. It may also contain tiny traces of  THC (up to 0.3% legally).

Broad Spectrum uses the entire hemp plant, then goes through an extraction process of eliminating all traces of THC, while leaving the remaining cannabinoids in the plant.

Isolate starts with the hemp plant, then extracts solely the CBD (cannabidiol) with no other cannabinoids present.

At PhytoSana we offer all three types, varying by product line. We start with very high-quality hemp, which offers a wide array of cannabinoids, for our Full Spectrum. Then we use solvent-free Co2 extraction to attain our Broad Spectrum and Isolate.  To make it easy to differentiate which type of CBD is in each of our products, we label each product clearly.

When comparing Equine feed-thru products (pellets or crumbles), look at type of CBD, milligrams and servings.

PhytoSana CBD Equine Crumbles are Full Spectrum. Meaning they contain the entire hemp plant, including a wide array of cannabinoids. This provides a synergistic, highly effective result. We have found that approximately 50-90mg of CBD daily is most effective for the maintenance of a wide variety of needs. Each scoop (1 serving) of our crumbles is meets this threshold. While some pre-event or high stress situations may call for slightly more, but that is dependent upon each horse as an individual. Some other companies offer as little as 25mg per serving of CBD in their Equine products. We have found this simply is not enough for these animals that average 1000lbs.

At PhytoSana, we also offer Equine Oils in both Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum options.  These are best suited for oral administration, but can also be top dressing on feed.

Labels should clearly state how much CBD is in each serving, and what a serving size equals.

You may find some companies will list total CBD in the bottle or package, while others may list “total cannabinoids”. There are many other cannabinoids in addition to CBD, so this does not tell us how much actual CBD (cannabidiol) is in the product. Since every mammal processes things differently and individual dosing may vary, it’s important to know the breakdown per serving.

When it comes to servings, some companies may show an adequate cannabinoid content but it may take multiple scoops, drops, gummies, etc to achieve that content. At PhytoSana, we clearly label our products with how much actual CBD is in each serving, and what a serving size equals.

Compare Ingredients

Whether you’re using CBD yourself or your pets, it’s important to review ingredient labels. Some companies may use lower cost ingredients or fillers.

At PhytoSana we pride ourselves on using high quality ingredients, which are also listed under each product on our website.

Check out the carrier they use (for Oil products).

Each “oil” product needs a carrier (not referring to products such as gummies or Equine crumbles). At PhytoSana we use Hemp Seed Oil as the carrier for our oils, because it’s rich in natural omega fatty acids. Some companies may use a different carrier such as MCT oil. And while others may even use plain water, we consider these to be lower quality. (*topical products such as lotions are balms will often contain water as an ingredient, this is different than it being used as a carrier for oils).