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For Equine, Pets and Their People


The dosage for horses can vary depending on the individual animal and the desired results. For maintenance dosing, we’ve seen great results with 50-100mg daily. Whereas pre-event, or stressful situations may require slightly higher dosing. We always recommend starting with the lowest possible dose and increasing only as necessary.

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Hemp Seed Oil is oil that’s made by pressing hemp seeds together. It is a great source of plant based protein, that’s high in omega fatty acids. However it contains little to no CBD. Our products use the entire hemp plant, which contains an array of naturally occurring cannibinoids. Including high amounts of CBD.

At PhytoSana, we offer both Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum products for horses. As well as Broad Spectrum and Isolate products for pets and people (which are THC free).

Our CBD Crumbles are a great choice for daily maintenance, but can also be used pre-event. It’s easy to administer, simply top dress on feed.

As with all of our products our Equine CBD crumbles are all organic, non-GMO, made in the USA and third party lab verified for potency and purity. We create our crumbles by granulating the whole hemp plant, without the use of binders or artificial flavors. Our process offers superior absorption and digestibility.

Hemp crops can vary greatly in their content. It’s important to verify the purity of what you’re feeding your horse. PhytoSana sends our hemp out to a third party lab to be tested for purity, assuring it’s free from harmful pesticides, solvents, heavy metals, chemicals and more.

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound that’s naturally occurring within the hemp plant. It does not produce a high.

Horses love the taste of  CBD Hemp crumbles! They contain no artificial binders or flavoring. We recommend top dressing on feed, however many horses will eat the crumbles straight from your hand.

Hemp based CBD with a total THC content of .3% or less, is federally legal. Some horse show associations restrict the use of CBD. We recommend checking with your respective association for details before using this product.

Hemp based CBD is an effective, all natural alternative which offers support in many areas that affect the overall health and wellness of horses.

CBD offers a natural alternative to many challenges that horses face.

• Helps alleviate nervousness and enhance focus
• Helps maintain joint mobility
• Helps support proper digestion and gut health
• Helps support the immune system

There are 3 different types of CBD; Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum and Isolate. Please visit our blog for more details on the differences between these types https://www.phytosanacbd.com/blog/

Hemp Seed Oil is made by pressing hemp seeds together, it is a great source of plant based proteins that high in omega fatty acids. It contains little to no CBD. CBD Oil from Hemp comes from using the whole plant, which contains an array of naturally occurring cannabinoids, including high amounts of CBD.